ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE
ReSound ONE 7 BTE

    ReSound ONE 7 BTE

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    Introducing ReSound ONE 7

    Hear like no other

    Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Now you can experience truly individualized, natural, and more complete sound. 

    The one you’ve been waiting for is finally here

    Designed to meet your individual needs

    Greater hearing in any environment

    All Access Directionality ensures you’re in the best position to hear what’s important.

    Focus in on speech in front of you 

    Activate Ultra Focus for a great one-to-one hearing experience in the toughest environments.

    Remote hearing care from your home

    Get help from your hearing care professional via ReSound Assist Live video calls.

    All Access Directionality

    Greater hearing in any environment

    All Access Directionality automatically adjusts to your listening patterns, so you can feel at ease and engage effortlessly with others, even in noisy, challenging, and changing listening situations.

    Ultra Focus

    One-to-one hearing in the toughest environments

    Talking to someone

    See how activating Ultra Focus helps you hear speech with ease, even in the noisiest environments, without being isolated from your surroundings.

    Background noise

    Focus in on life and feel confident enough to have conversations in situations you might have avoided in the past, like at a service counter in a crowded place.


    Connect to what connects you

    The unmatched connectivity of ReSound ONETM connects you to phones and tablets so you can communicate your way.

    Connect to your TV

    A versatile range of wireless accessories give you even more options to connect to the sounds you enjoy every day. For instance, connect to your TV and get the sounds of your favorite shows directly in your hearing aids.

    Stay connected without lifting a finger    

    With ReSound ONETM, you can connect directly to your iPhone or Android™ smartphone and the world around you, and stream audio and wireless calls to your ears via the stable Bluetooth® Low Energy.


    All the power you need. Again and again and again.

    The ReSound ONETM BTEs offer enough power on one charge to take you from waking up until bedtime, even when streaming. They are also weatherproof with an IP68 rating.

    Up to 23 hours use on one charge.

    Up to 16 hours use with streaming 50% of the time.

    Perfect for a bedside table or nightstand, simply place your hearing aids in the charger at night and wake up to a full-day or reliable battery life.

    Monitor battery status

    Use the Resound Smart 3D app to get notified when the battery is running low. While charging, the app tracks the progress and lets you know when your hearing aids are ready to use.

    Hearing care without leaving your home

    With ReSound Assist, you can get hearing care without leaving your home with Live Assistance or Remote Fine-Tuning. You can enjoy personalized care from the comfort and safety of your home.

    Remote Fine-Tuning

    Send requests for fine-tuning adjustments anytime through the ReSound Smart 3D app. Fill out a simple questionnaire at your convenience.

    Live Assistance

    Supplement clinic appointments with live, video appointments. Simply answer an incoming video call from your hearing care professional and receive hearing aid adjustments from the comfort of your home.


    ReSound ONETM BTE comes power levels, the Power BTE 77 WHC, and the High Power BTE 88 DWHC.

    The BTE 77 WHC comes with a desktop charger, a push/program button, telecoil, new lock system – easy ‘click-on/off’ for hooks, new thin tube system developed in one piece and compatible with SureFit3 domes and LED lights.

    The BTE 88 DWHC comes with a desktop charger, a push/program button and volume control button, telecoil, DAI shoe, new lock system – easy ‘click-on/off’ for hooks plus metal hook, and LED lights.

    The ReSound ONETM BTE comes in three technology levels, 5, 7, 9.


    Available colors:
    Bronze, Champagne, Deep Black, Espresso, Gold, Graphite, Sparkling Silver, Warm Grey