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The hearing aid technology has advanced, making the overall process much easier. Hearing tests are accurate, self-maintenance is possible by the users, and hearing aids may be fitted remotely and connected to apps, allowing them to be tailored to the user's specific needs. We took all of these steps to decrease the price of hearing aids and eliminated the need for costly in-person fittings. We therefore created an online business model with cutting-edge tools, knowledgeable assistance, and superior products at a reasonable cost.

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Dr. George Panayiotou holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Audiology from East Tennessee State University in the United States of America, where he was distinguished as the student with the best performance in the doctoral program. With over 13+ years of career.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 - Modelo premium


Signia Active PRO


Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 - Modelo premium


Signia Styletto X 3 - Recargable


Signia Seda X 7


Signia Styletto X 7 - Recargable


Phonak Audeo Paradise P70 - Modelo avanzado


ReSound ONE 9