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Why Us?


  We work only with the very best hearing aids featuring state-of-the-art technology and discreet design!

  We buy direct, cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto our customers. We eliminate unnecessary costs from our supply chain and create greater value for our customers.

  Ongoing service and support is critical. We are here for you 24/7!


    Why our prices are so cheap?

    We use our Unbundled+ model: In the traditional audiology model (bundled) you prepay for all costs associated with obtaining a hearing aid including hearing testing, hearing aids, fitting and aftercare for a number of years. In the unbundled model, audiological services and hearing aid costs are separated.  In other words the cost of hearing aids is separated from your audiological services lowering the entry price to obtaining hearing aids. 

    We use the Unbundled+ model where you only pay for the hearing aids but you get a lot more.  We program the hearing aids to your hearing test results provided on the day of the purchase.  Where possible we also provide remote adjustments to the hearing aids for the life of the hearing aids at no extra cost.  Finally, should you choose to send the hearing aids back to us for further programming we will do so, again at no cost to you.

    Using the Unbundled+ model we save you thousands.  You could use the extra savings to get help locally when required. 

    How it works?

    Step 1: Undergo a complete Audiological Evaluation

    We recommend having a complete audiological evaluation taken by an independent hearing professional.  A comprehensive hearing evaluation is a non-invasive hearing test carried out to determine if hearing loss is present, and if so, to detail the type, severity and configuration of the hearing loss.  This will help identify if you are a candidate for hearing aids, and rule out any need for referral to a medical specialist.  You may even be provided with a recommendation as to which hearing aid type would suit you best.


    Step 2: Purchase your hearing aids from Hear More 4 Less  

    Purchase the hearing aids from Hear More 4 Less and provide us with your hearing test results.  Following purchase our expert team of professionals will contact you for the following information to make sure we program the hearing aids to your personal needs:   

    ▶ A copy of your most recent audiological evaluation if you would like our expert USA educated and trained Audiologists to program and customize the hearing aids for you.

    ▶ Advise if you have any special requirements to enable us to customize the fine-tuning of the hearing aids to match your individual preferences and unique listening environments.  For example, describe a typical day and the type of environments you are exposed to on a regular basis i.e. restaurant, outdoors, listening to music etc.

    ▶ Send us a side photo of your face including a reference object i.e. ruler or a coin (the ruler in vertical orientation close to your ear) so that we can judge the required size of the wire/speaker.

    This information will enable us to customize your hearing aids to your specific needs and wants.   


    Step 3: Preparing and shipping your hearing aids  

    The hearing aids will be programmed based on your hearing test results and information you have provided, and will undergo scientifically proven methods to verify their sound quality.

    Once programmed and verified, the hearing aids will be shipped to you by DHL Express Delivery service.  From purchase to delivery you should receive your hearing aids within 7-14 business days.  


    Step 4: Remote Adjustments

    For further adjustments please contact us to schedule an online session with our expert team of Audiologists. 


    Process Overview

    1. Undergo a complete audiological evaluation
    2. Purchase your hearing aids from
    3. Provide the necessary information for the best possible outcome
    4. Remote Adjustments

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